Technology That Helps You Get Paid Faster

May 16, 2017 | Alex Elias

Now that new Foley customers can review and sign their factoring contracts and other program materials online, they’re able to complete the onboarding process and receive their first fundings in record time. In fact, most new clients are seeing their first payments about a week sooner than was possible otherwise.

This new, streamlined process is the result of Foley implementing Sertifi, a secure document management platform that enables customers to send, sign and manage documents digitally.

The International Factoring Association published an article about our implementation of Sertifi  here:  http://www.factoring.org/eNewsletter/WebNews.asp?id=315&aid=4235. To learn more about the benefits of factoring with Foley – including our faster and easier onboarding experience, please click here.

About the author:

Alex Elias

Alex Elias is the Director of Factoring Sales and Account Management. In his role, Alex is responsible for the strategic growth of the department, as well as ensuring that every Foley customer receives fast payments and superior customer service. Alex is also an active member of the International Factoring Association and an authority on the current state of the factoring industry.

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